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Files with quality checks

A total of 1 files need to be checked prior to their upload to the ISIC archive.  Note that this table updates itself every hour. To force an immediate update click here.

File Uploader allowed eligible checked edit
File:BCCLeaflike1.png.7Cframeless.7Cborder.7Ctext-top.7C Lauren Fried true false false edit

Files with missing annotations

NameCreatorThis property is a special property in this wiki.
BCCovoidnests3.pngLauren Fried
BCCLeaflike3.pngLauren Fried
BCCbuckshot1.pngLauren Fried
BCCLeaflike4.pngLauren Fried
BCCbuckshot3.pngLauren Fried
BCCarborizing1.pngLauren Fried
ALM atypical fibrillar.pngLauren Fried
AKrosette1.pngLauren Fried
BCCovoidnests1.pngLauren Fried
BCCLeaflike1.pngLauren Fried
BCCovoidnests2.pngLauren Fried
BCCLeaflike2.pngLauren Fried