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Description This page explains how to confirm the email of your user account at dermoscopedia academy.
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dermoscopedia academy requires that users confirm their email addresses before they can edit pages and use email features. This helps to prevent problems with bad addresses, unrecoverable user accounts and unreachable users.



You can check your address confirmation status in your preferences. If you change your email address, you will automatically be sent a new confirmation email.

How to confirm

1) From your preferences, go to the section entitled User profile, and scroll down to Email options. See figures 1 and 2.

View of the user menu
Figure 1 - How to access special page "Preferences"
View of the "Email option" section
Figure 2 - How to find section "Email options" on special page "Preferences"

2) Click the button in that section; an email will be sent to your email address with a confirmation link. If you see no link, go to Special:ConfirmEmail. If that page starts with "Your email address was confirmed on <date>", then you're already confirmed. See figures 3 and 4.

View of the "Confirmation email" button
Figure 3 - How to request a confirmation email
View of the "Confirmation email" button
Figure 4 - Confirmation email was sent

3) When you receive the email, click the link it contains to confirm that you own the email address. See figures 5 and 6.

View of the confirmation email
Figure 5 - View of the confirmation email
Email was successfully confirmed
Figure 6 - Email was successfully confirmed

Known issues

  • MediaWiki does not verify that Email addresses are properly formatted when they are stored in the database. Users should verify that their email address is functional before entering it.
  • Some email programs may divide the confirmation link into two lines. If that happens, please copy all parts of the link together into the browser address bar.
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