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Below are dermoscopic features commonly associated with the diagnosis “Melanoma (overview of features)”.[1] The example images have been approved by a panel of experts as representative of each given feature.

For a more in-depth discussion of associated features, please see the Dermoscopedia page for “Melanoma (overview of features)”.

Atypical pigment network [edit]

Black, brown, or gray network with irregular holes and thick lines.[2]

Blue structures (blue-white veil, blue-gray structures)[edit]

Blue-white veil: structureless areas of confluent blue color with an overlying white “ground glass” film.[3]

White shiny lines (crystalline structures)[edit]

Short, white, shiny lines that might be parallel or vertical to one another. Only seen with polarized dermoscopy.[4]

Negative network[edit]

Interconnecting hypopigmented lines that surround irregularly shaped globules or vessels.[5]

Irregular dots/globules[edit]

Black or brown round-to-oval, variously sized structures, irregularly distributed within the lesion.[6]

Irregular streaks (radial streaming, pseudopods)[edit]

Radial lines with or without a bulbous projection at their ending (with projection = pseudopods. without projection = streaks), irregularly distributed at the periphery of the lesion.[7]

Regression structures (white scar-like area and/or peppering)[edit]

Clinically flat region of a lesion with i) white scar-like depigmented areas and/or ii) blue-gray pepper-like granules.[8]

Peripheral brown structureless area[edit]

Angulated lines (extrafacial)[edit]

Pigmented lines angulated to one another, tending to form polygonal geometric shapes such as complete or incomplete rhomboids.[9]

Atypical vascular pattern, polymorphous vessels (2+ types of blood vessels, e.g. linear irregular and dotted vessels)[edit]

Atypical blotch[edit]

Black, brown, or gray structureless areas with asymmetric distribution within the lesion.[10]

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